Product Information

Our Butterfly Wraps

Fabric wraps adjust conveniently to the size of a gift and they are perfect for any size or shape of gift. No need to worry about tears like when you attempt to wrap a hard cover book with a piece of wrapping paper.

As consumers, in an effort to reduce waste and to protect the environment, we are generally encouraging the industry to reduce the amount of packaging they use. Fabric wraps are the perfect answer to this trend. With fabric you do not require an item to be packaged in a box, you can simply roll the fabric around the item - a hard cover book, a stuffed toy, an item of clothing - as in the "how to wrap with fabric" instructions and knot the ends.

Made in Canada

Each one of our Butterfly wraps is made right here in Canada, with attention and  care, by one of our great producer studios. At the moment 75% of our fabrics are made with all natural fibre – cotton, silk and linen - and we are moving towards an even greater proportion in the future; we will continue to source organic fabrics where possible. Well made, fair wages, natural fibres – you can feel good about helping the earth while wrapping your gifts in beauty.  

In our holiday 4-pack collections we often include a beautiful silky scarf – we do not make these ourselves but we source them responsibly. They add a stunning, luxurious touch to your holiday gift wrapping.

Please reuse often!

It is our hope that each wrap will have a long life and help create many happy smiles. Wrapping with a Butterfly wrap creates two gifts in one. In order for the recipient of the gift to easily reuse their wrap we include a gift tag with each one of our wraps, made of recycled paper, which you can use instead of a card to write your wishes. The tags show the name of our website in very discrete letters (to not detract from the wishes and the gift!) which the recipient can refer to for instructions on how to wrap.


Fabric wraps adjust conveniently to the size of a gift - you just end up with a slightly smaller or larger knot at the end. Our wraps come in 2 sizes as follows:

Regular: at 55cm x 55cm this size is ideal to wrap items such a hard-cover book, a jewellery box, a candle, a mug, 3 cakes of soap, an iphone case

Large: measuring around 85cm x 85cm this wrap size is great for many toys such as a lego box, a doll, a board game, a tea pot, a platter, a set of pajamas, a large water bottle

The Collections

Each pack in our collections is designed with a desire to create a coordinated collection of beautiful wraps which will look stunning individually or together.

Each pack of 4 wraps contains 2 regular and 2 large wraps.

Each pack of 3 wraps contains 2 regulars and 1 large wrap.

For all seasons

Look out for our upcoming collections for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. No need to purchase any more disposable wrapping paper products – we’ve got you covered!

Product Care

All of our wraps are machine washable. We recommend washing on a delicate cycle in cold water and then hanging to dry. Plant based detergents, free of sulfates and bleach are gentler on fabrics.

Butterfly wraps store much more conveniently (and neatly) than rolls of wrapping paper. For storage we suggest folding each wrap once and then rolling it. Voila, store and reuse often!